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Anti-Resolutions: What Not To Do To Help Make 2005 Your Best Yet

Can you believe a New Year is here already? I believe wholeheartedly in setting goals, setting intentions, deciding what you will do over the next year. However, I also think it's equally important to know what not to do.

Try these Anti-Resolutions to add some Don'ts to your day, and see how it helps with all those Do's.

"I will not over-schedule my day."
It seems like scheduling every minute would be the logical way to get everything done, but it actually tends to work against you. Some things will take longer than you expected, some things will interfere that you can't predict. If you're scheduled to the max, you'll have no room to absorb them, things will overrun, and frustration will set in. Instead, aim for about 75% scheduled, 25% free.

"I will not say Yes to everything."
Saying Yes to everything is like cholesterol - it clogs your day with stuff you don't want there. Doing other people's work, answering annoying phone calls, deleting junk emails rob you of valuable time and energy. Realize that for every Yes Activity, you have also created a No Activity. Make sure you are saying Yes to what you intend to.

"I will no longer put what I want at the moment over what I want in the long run."
That extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning might seem like the best thing since sliced peanut butter, but you know it will only make you late, and then playing catch up the rest of the day. That new pair of shoes may seem like the last pair you'll ever need, but if it makes the rent money tight, it's not worth it. Think about the long term effects of your actions today.

"I will no longer get duped into the "I can have it all" idea."
Having it all is certainly possible, either by having it at different times in your life, or by having a whole lot of help (think Kelly Ripa or Katie Couric). Their few spare minutes are certainly not spent grocery shopping or cleaning bathrooms. So please, lose the Super-Woman idea attached to it.

"I will no longer get trapped in media microwave mentality."
Things take time. Life is not a sit-com, and few things are resolved in 30 minutes or less. Appreciate the various stages of projects and goals as well as the outcome. Goals, home projects, or getting a degree, or even getting your schedule organized are all a process. Determine to make each day as special as the end result.

"I won't give up."
Never give up. When you mess up, or when the wind of life comes barreling in unannounced - and it will - being prepared as best you can will give you the strength to be able to move on. When it seems like there's no answer, push on. The answer may be just around the next corner. Don't let fear, or anger, or frustration, or your money, or your in-laws, stop you from living your life. Keep going. This is your year!

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