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Digit World Contest

Inscription closure: December 12, 2003

Announcement of the results: February 21, 2004

Award ceremony: Marsh 18, 2004

The Digit World Contest is the first national and international competition between Internet sites dedicated to protection, conservation, promotion and/or exhibition of cultural and/or artistic heritage. It is open to museums, Foundations and companies or individual private web sites. The Digit World Contest is a fair competition between web sites and not a competition between countries. The competition is between websites dedicated to arts and heritage within a same nation. It naturally offers increased planetary visibility to the participants.

Despite worldwide success with over 600 contestants from over 76 countries, our records show that the number of contestants widely varies from one country to another. The more contestants from a country creates a richer contest with greater local impact and profitability for the contestants themselves as well as for their country.

Some countries have more than one hundred and fifty web sites participating in the Digit World Contest while others have only one. Remember that the purpose of the contest is to display and exhibit, on a larger scale, the heritage and the artistic creation existing locally, in each participant country.

If you would like to enter your website for your national competition within the Digit World Contest, please submit your web site on-line at

To become a member of your national Digit World Contest jury, please apply on-line at

You will find more information on the Digit World Contest at The information is available in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French).

Please contact us for any further information.

Johann Manéthon Piching, DWC Communication

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