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See the Superstars of Tomorrow/Resurrect Romance Week - Shel Horowitz's Monthly Frugal Fun Tip

See the Superstars of Tomorrow/Resurrect Romance Week

Part 1: See The Superstars of Tomorrow

By Shel Horowitz

Theatre, classical music, and team sports lovers--this one's especially for you. See superb entertainment and sports for free or very cheap by watching the trainees. Look around for:
* Music Festival Training Programs
* Acting Schools
* Minor League Sports Teams
* College Student and Faculty Recitals
And so forth.

This week I attended a student performance put on by Musicorda, one of a dozen or so prominent music festivals within an hour of my house (in this case, a five-minute drive!). These are NOT little kids playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Rather, these folks are in their late teens and early 20s, have chosen careers as musicians, and are studying with some of the brightest lights in the biz.

I walked in five minutes after showtime, just as the announcer was completing the obligatory thank yous. I found a seat in the second row, center, and sat back to enjoy an hour of heavenly music. One of the performers will be the new violist with the internationally-acclaimed St. Petersburg String Quartet in his native Russia--and there was someone else on the program who was even better!

Only about 70 people took advantage of this wonderful FREE concert--but I bet that if some of those 70 save their programs, five years from now there will be some superstars on the list.


Part 2: Resurrect Romance Week, August 8-14: A New Romantic Summer Holiday

by Michael "The RoMANtic" Webb

What's so romantic about buying a dozen roses or a box of chocolates on February 14th just because 50 million other guys are doing the same thing? Is it really a celebration or is it just an obligation? Six months after Valentine's Day comes a holiday not as well known, but one that puts more emphasis on romance and less on the credit card.

Four years ago National Resurrect Romance Week was established by Michael Webb, syndicated columnist, lecturer and Editor of The RoMANtic newsletter ( His reasoning was that "real romance has little to do with money and obligations. It has everything to do with intention and attention. Women want what's in a man's heart, not what's in his wallet and they want it more than once or twice a year."

Dubbed "The World's Most Romantic Man" by media around the globe, Webb suggests that men and women across the country to do something romantic each day during Resurrect Romance Week and advises that you show your love with actions, not gifts.

Some of Michael Webb's creative ideas on romance:
ˇ Go to a gurgling brook and race leaves or rubber duckies
ˇ Use chalk to write loving welcome home messages on the sidewalk
ˇ Put love notes and Hershey Kisses in your sweetheart's box of cereal
ˇ Tie a message and balloons to the bottom of the garage door with a foot of string -- they will magically rise in the air when the door is opened
ˇ Brush [his or] her hair for ten minutes before going to sleep
ˇ Fax a photocopy of your hand to their office so they can "hold" it while you are apart
ˇ Use Rain-X Anti-Fog and a cotton swab to write love notes on bathroom mirrors - message magically appears when the mirror steams up

Click here for more of Michael's romantic ideas, or visit Webb's web site at or call him at 888-4ROMANTIC.

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