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Tips for a Fresh Smelling Home

A fresh smelling home can help lift your spirits and help you feel better even on rough days. Unfortunately, daily life can leave your home smelling not so fresh. Fried foods and pets are just a couple of things out of many that can spoil a fresh smelling home. Here are a few tips to help you rid unwanted odors and get your home smelling fresh:

~ If it's not too cold outside, open the front and back door of your home to air out any stale air.

~ Soak a cotton ball with essential or aroma oil, perfume or vanilla and put it into your clean vacuum bag or canister. When you vacuum, it will release the scent.

~ Dab essential or aroma oil onto light bulbs; when they are turned on, the heat of the bulb will release the aroma.

~ If you have odors from cooking lingering, be sure to clean up the cooking mess as soon as possible; this will help the odors to dissipate sooner.

~ Candles nowadays can be richly scented. I like the ones in jars because you can simply remove the lid to release the aroma of the candle rather than burn it.

~ Car air fresheners aren't only for cars... hang them from lamp switches, kitchen cupboard knobs or other hangable places.

I hope these tips help you in getting your home smelling fresh. If you'd like more tips like these, check out the 'Creative Odor and Aroma Tips' e-book here:

About the Author: Monica Resinger publishes an e-mail newsletter for homemakers that poses fun questions to readers about organizing, crafting, gardening, frugal living and other homemaking subjects; readers can respond to the questions and receive the resulting, very informative 'tip sheet'. If you'd like to join the fun, send a blank e-mail to: to subscribe.

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