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Fun Party Planning Ideas: 4 Fabulous and Unique Party Activity Tips

There are SO many details to think about when organizing and planning a party. You've got to create the guest list, send out the Save the Dates and invitations, find a great venue for the party, choose a fabulous caterer and maybe even an awesome band. That's the easy part.

Having a party that both you and your guests will remember for a long, long time means you can't stop there! Once you've got the basic details of your party lined up, it's time to take it one step further and get creative! And creating memorable, fun and unique party activities can do just that.

Now, I'm not talking about the party games that put you on the spot and make you cringe at the mere mention of them. No, what I'm talking about are party activities that engage your guests in uniquely interactive and fun way without them even knowing they're being involved! Trust me, it's great icebreaker fun for even the shyest guests!

Here are 4 interactive party activities that ALL guests at our Company's Five-Year Anniversary party participated in for a truly unique, memorable and fabulously fun time:

#1 Very Fun Party Activity: Create a Mystery Cocktail

Create a custom cocktail for your guests to try and guess its ingredients! As each guest enters the party, have your catering staff hold trays of the special concoction and greet guests as they enter. You can also set up a special table with glasses of the "mystery" cocktail.

It's a great way to get everyone in the party mood and at the same time it will get your party guests to immediately begin mingling with each other as they try to figure out what's in the drink!

Tip: Have at least one "easy" taste in the cocktail for your guests to guess. For example, use something distinctive like pineapple or orange. And if it's appropriate, rim the glasses with colored sugar or salt to make the presentation even more festive!

#2 Very Fun Party Activity: Take Polaroid Pictures and Give Them as Party Favors

Polaroid pictures are great fun at parties because they are funky, retro and most of all, instant! They capture the fun of the moment and can be given to your guests in a nice picture frame or photo mount as party favors. Assign someone to the Polaroids and have special frames or mounts ready to insert the photo in and voila! Your guests will have an instant personalized souvenir to remember their special moment at your party for years to come!

Tip: These frames or mounts are readily available, but do require some lead-time. So be sure to include an RSVP on your invitation so you know how many to order. Allow yourself plenty of time (especially if you want them personalized) so you don't pay rush-shipping charges.

#3 Very Fun Party Activity: Create a Polaroid Instant Photo Guest Book

Since you've already got the Polaroid camera and film ready to go for your guests' favors, you might as well just go ahead and take the plunge for yourself and have a Polaroid Instant photo guest book on hand! Instant photo guest books like the Adesso Album Instant Photo Guest Books® will put your guests to work for you to create an instant memento of your party. Now you'll be able to enjoy your party's memories the instant the party is over and for many years to come. These photo guest books often become the life of the party, especially after a few custom cocktails!

Tip: Assign someone to go around the party, take Polaroid pictures of guests, slide them into the Adesso Photo Guest Book® and then pass it around to have guests write a personal message to you. It's less pressure than being videotaped and far more personal.

#4 Fun Party Activity: Philanthropic Party Donation

It'll make you feel good, and it'll make your guests feel good. Find something you can "sell" to your guests, and donate 100% of the profits to the charity of your choice. It's a win-win-win situation for you, your guests and the charity you select. People will really like "sharing" the good time they're having with others who are less fortunate.

Tip: Make sure that your guests get some value for their contributions. It can be a product offering or something as simple as a gift card, gift certificate or coupon for a popular product or service.

Final Party Activity Tip:

Have cards printed listing your interactive party activities with a checkbox next to them. Provide a way to get the activities checked off as they're completed during the party. Make sure guests know that if they complete all the activities by the end of the party, they are eligible for a grand prize, even if you don't have one! You'll be surprised how competitive your guests can get and how relieved they are to have something to chat about with the person they just met for the first time!

Lesley Mattos, Founder of Adesso Albums helps people all over the world capture their party memories. The Adesso Instant Photo Guest Book is the only guest book alternative that provides an instant memory of any party event in both pictures and words. Get the complete photo guest book kit at:

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