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Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for us. Here are our just-revised guidelines. We will simply discard submissions that don't follow the rules. Below, you'll see five rules and a seven-point agreement.

The magazines on our websites are an all-volunteer effort, and I simply don't have the time to do extensive sorting through and cleaning up. Somehow, we got put on a list of places to submit articles to, and as a result, we've been deluged with inappropriate submissions. This is how to do it the right way:

All submissions must:

1. Use a *descriptive* subject title beginning with the word "Submission", continuing *with a brief description of the topic,* and closing with an indication of which of our magazines you're submitting to.

Examples (from actual articles on the sites):

Submission: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Arts)

Submission: Truth in Copywriting (Ethics/Biz)

2. Be relevant to the magazine you've targeted.

These are the one-word abbreviations, magazines, areas of interest, and URLs. I encourage you to visit the magazine and see what sort of stuff we use.

-->Arts: Global Arts Review <>: art, music, theatre, film, dance, literature, etc. We look especially for the unusual: Profiles of lesser-known artists, back-story pieces on how a movie was made or what the inside of a professional theatre costume room is like (we already have that one). We also do run traditional reviews.

--> Biz (or Business) <>: Down to Business: Useful articles for the solopreneur or very small business. Some pieces on management geared toward larger companies. Strong emphasis on affordable, effective techniques. Also a large section (one of the easiest to break in) on environmentally and socially sustainable business practices.

--> Ethics: The ethics articles page at <>. Particular emphasis on ethics in business, though general right-and-wrong pieces would also have their place.

--> Frugal: Frugal and Fashionable Living <>: Articles on living well for less: entertainment, home decorating/furnishing, fun things to do with kids, and general frugality. All with an emphasis on lowering costs without sacrificing quality.

--> Peace and Politics <>: Progressive politics and peace issues: organizing struggles, reasons to eliminate war, links of wider social issues to the peace movement, etc.

--> Global Travel Review <>: General travel magazine with sections on destinations (the more off-beat the better), travel how-to, a Meditations section that offers more reflective narratives, often based on your own experience, and a section on food. Currently, we're especially looking for more content in the food section.

3. Use proper grammar, spelling, and syntax (if English is not your native language, please have a well-educated native speaker look it over before submitting). We look for well-written content that has something to say to the reader.

4. Include a blurb that is original with you and *not* a copied generic blurb that simply replaces the placeholders with your information. No more than 5 60-character lines, please!

5. If submission is pasted into an e-mail message, *you must get rid* of funky non-ascii characters. If you've pasted from a word processor, that means you turned OFF the curly quotes and apostrophes, automatic elipses, and true em-dashes/en-dashes. Use straight quotes, three periods, and two hyphens, respectively. If you're submitting the file as an attachment in Microsoft Word or RTF format, you may leave the curly quotes and apostrophes, true elipses, and true em-dashes/en-dashes. We do not have time to clean up the formatting!

Note that article submissions not meeting the above requirements, will simply be discarded unread.

If you submit something meeting the above rules, the chances are excellent that we will use it. Our websites greet at least 45,000 people a month, and your article will be posted permanently in most cases.

Please note that submission constitutes agreement to the following terms:


1) All submissions to be received electronically, in Microsoft Word, RTF, or Text Only (ASCII) format

2) Submission of any Work constitutes
* non-exclusive permission to post the material to the World Wide Web, for infinite duration, without financial compensation
* warranty and acknowledgment that Writer controls the copyright and publication/republication rights (as appropriate)
* agreement to these terms.

3) Editor may accept the Work as is, edit it, ignore, or reject it. If substantial revisions are made, author may approve the final version before it is loaded on the Site(s). Editor may perform minor editing without submitting for approval. The Site(s) may use the contributor's name, subject matter and title of the Work, in publicity to bring visitors to the Site.

4) Editor may, at any time, remove any Work from the Site, due to considerations of timeliness, space on the Site, or content objection.

5) While will attempt to protect copyright, the Writer recognizes that the Site(s) does not have control over unauthorized use of the material from visitors to the Site(s). Writer agrees to hold the above named magazines, Shel Horowitz, Accurate Writing & More/AWM Books, the Web Sites, and the Sitehost, and their successors and heirs, harmless in any dispute over copyright infringement.

6) In return for the use of the Work, Global Arts Review/Global Travel Review/Down To Business will include a blurb and Web link from any article whose work is displayed in the above named magazines, for the duration of the display.

7) Writer indemnifies and holds harmless the above named magazines, Shel Horowitz, Accurate Writing & More/AWM Books, the Web Sites, and Sitehost, and their successors and heirs, from any action dealing with issues of truth, libel, or slander in the Work.

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