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Frugal and Sensible Decisions Make Tough Times Easier

[Editor's note: This is reprinted from Paula's monthly Art of Abundance e-zine. I've been subscribing for over ten years and still find much value in it, even though I am not personally struggling with bankruptcy or poverty. See contact info at the end if you'd like to subscribe. --Shel Horowitz, Editor, Frugal & Fashinable Living]

When we're under financial stress, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath and ask ourselves: What is it that we're truly worried about? Is it something that is happening right now, something that requires immediate action? Or is it a future worry, even if it's something happening tomorrow, next week, or even later today?

If we can pinpoint whether it's an immediate true worry or a future worry, we can take action to resolve it. For instance, if the thing we're stressing about is in the future (How am I going to pay my mortgage on the first of the month? or What if my savings run out? Or When will this economic downturn end?) we're putting our energy into an imaginary problem. The truth is, today is not the first of the month, or you have savings today or the economic downturn doesn't have any true and lasting impact on my level of financial security - unless I decide it does.

If we're under financial stress because of something that's due today - they're going to turn off my electricity today; or there's not enough money to put gas in the car; or I want to take a flight three weeks from today so I want to buy my reduced ticket today, then we've got an action we can take to resolve the stress.

Financial ebbs give us a chance to look at our money patterns and our money habits and look to see where we want to make some change so that we're no longer putting ourselves into the stress cycle when things come up. For instance, if the electric bill is due today, will I choose to have a latte and buy a paper and pick up those items that are on sale today, or will I chose to put that money toward the electric bill? If I only have a portion of the money to put toward the bill, will I call the creditor, and take them or send them what I have, or will I ignore them and get mad at them for wanting more than I have? If I'm looking to put gas in the car, what spare change do I have that I can pull together? What do I have that I can give away or sell to create an exchange with someone else that will make it possible for me to put fuel in the car? Am I willing to walk or car pool? Am I willing to eliminate some trips in order to maximize my car's efficiency? Am I willing to check the oil, clean the air filter and add air to the tire to increase my mileage? If I'm looking to buy that ticket today, and the money's not there, is there a barter I can do? Or is there another way for me to get to my destination? Or maybe I'm supposed to postpone the trip for some reason.

Sometimes, it's easy, when there are financial choices to make, to immediately assume that "the ebb" is coming because we're doing something wrong, or because we lack something, when sometimes, the reason the ebb comes is because we're supposed to be taking a different path. We get so focused on what we want and how we want to do it that we miss the opportunity to take a detour that will bring us even greater good, if we're open to it.

Have you read the free e-booklet I offer, Heal Your Relationship With Money? If not, I highly recommend getting a copy on my website, And if you have read it, I encourage you to order the workbook that goes along with it. It's the best $79 you can spend to get a clear picture of what your money patterns are, and how you can change them. I do a personalized analysis and offer a 50% off coaching coupon if you choose to return the workbook to me. You can then take actions on the steps outlined in your analysis and watch as you create some pretty profound shifts in your prosperity consciousness.

I know that shifting from financial fear to financial faith may sometimes feel like an insurmountable gap. But the truth is, you can effortlessly bridge the gap if you have certain skills, which you can easily develop. It reminds me of when I was in college and my friend "Biff" took me golfing in St. Petersburg, FL on spring break. I was trying to get the ball over a six-inch wide water hazard. The problem was, I didn't know how to get the ball up into the air, even a little bit.

Every time I hit the ball, it would plop into the water. I refused to take a "drop" count an extra score and move on. I wanted to get the ball over the water. Sometimes I'd whack it hard enough that it would make it to the other bank, but it would always roll right back into the water.

I kept trying different clubs until I found a wedgie-shaped one - and whacked that sucker up into the air far enough that it landed on dry land.

My score for the 9-holes....179. No kidding. I'm sure if I'd bothered to ask Biff for a lesson, I could have gotten the ball up and over the obstacle, oh, I dunno, maybe a hundred strokes sooner.

Paula's Intention of the Month [this accompanied the original article, and I think it makes sense to include it-Editor]

Every month, I include an intention I've been holding in prayer for someone. I choose an intention I think will apply to you. If this intention feeds your spirit, tithes and offerings will be gratefully accepted via Paypal at, online at or via snail mail to: Paula Langguth Ryan, 1121 Annapolis Road, Suite 120, Odenton, MD 21113

Please write and let me know if you find the intention helpful for your own life.

I see you open and receptive to all the financial abundance that is circulating in, through, and around you. I see you ready, willing and able to embrace everything that is occurring with eyes of love and joy. I see you knowing, with absolute certainty, that you can honor yourself and others with every breath you take. I see the right and perfect outcome to all financial situations now I see you always blessing those who you meet. This or something better now manifests in your life for the highest good of all. And so it is. Thank you, God!

Remember: Set your intention, affirm "this or something better" along with it, and tithe in advance, giving thanks to the Source for the good you are about to receive. If you want someone to help you hold the consciousness that your intention will manifest in your life, send me a card or letter to the address below or email me at and I'll gladly hold your desire in my prayers for 30 days.

Paula Langguth Ryan helps individuals, organizations and corporations improve their performance, raise their consciousness, embrace peace, overcome debt, dissolve poverty and create abundance. For more information on Paula's specialized in-service training workshops for organizations that are looking to grow to their next level of abundance, visit or call 800-507-9244 and ask about obtaining a FREE customized Needs Assessment for your organization.

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