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Shared Gift Buying Made Easy

Do you want to buy a special gift your friend won't forget? Does the price tag always hold you back? Invited to a function and you couldn't possibly arrive empty handed right? So, do you settle on what you can afford even though you know it's not something they will actually use? We can all relate to that problem.

I know how I feel when another month containing 5 birthdays rolls around and I simply can't afford to get everyone something they actually want. I go through the motions and ask what they would like; knowing full well their ideal present is not in my price range. So, I settle for second, third or even fourth best which, in turn, is a complete waste of money.

Join us at: Beyondwishlists

Save yourself time and money. Stop torturing yourself worrying about gift purchases. This is the three step way to collaboratively buy gifts online.

Minimum fuss - maximum satisfaction. Shopping for gifts this way is really easy. Once paid for the gifts are parcelled up and delivered directly to the lucky recipient. The pressure is off: No more struggling to get a suitable gift. Convenience: All contributors pay in their amount when it suits them. Easy access: Online means contributing at a time that fits in with your schedule: No more compromise: It sure beats the alternative of using the same amount of cash to purchase an unwanted but affordable gift.

How it works:

Well, for example, my friend Rachel's 30th birthday is coming up soon. I have the perfect gift in mind but price is not on my side so I go onto

I follow the link and then search for the gift I would like to purchase. Next, I enter my email address. As the initiator of the list, I will also be the person who is contacted to arrange the shipping details when the gift has been fully paid off.

Then, I add the addresses of the other friends or family members I believe would like to help contribute. Finally, I name the event, for example, Rachel's 30th, then hit the 'share wish list' button and it's all done for me.

It is so easy to contribute. Upon receiving the email, contributors simply follow the link provided in their invitation email. You don't need to have an account to with Beyondwishlists to make a contribution.

A major benefit to shopping this way is that it allows you to pool funds together with friends and family, contributing what each of you can individually afford. This removes pressure of balancing a decision of what to buy with the available budget.

Hope this takes the pressure off your budget the next time you're thinking of a great gift for someone special.

Happy shopping!

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