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Top 20 Things Every Parent Should Know When Their Kid Plays Competitive Sports

By Brian Presley

(Ottawa) - Due to popular demand, What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) has just re-released its Special Report entitled Top 20 Things Every Parent Should Know When Their Kids Plays Competitive Sports.

1. Coaching comes from the bench, not the bleachers.

2. Don't make your kid's sport your life. It's okay to have one of your own.

3. Despite what you think, there is no conspiracy by the referees to make calls against your team.

4. When it stops being fun for your kid, it's time to find another activity.

5. 99.99% of all organized sports do not hire blind refs so stop asking.

6. Referees are human and make mistakes just like your kid has and will continue to do.

7. Never, ever, trash talk a kid. Yours or any other.

8. If YOU knew so much then YOU would be the coach.

9. Cheer dammit, CHEER!!!

10. Don't like the ref's call? Shut Up!

11. Don't look for excuses. Don't blame the weather, the refs, the conditions, the coach, the parents or the other kids. Your kid isn't going to win every time.

12. The real purpose of competitive sports is for your kid to get better. Not just winning.

13. Recognize and accept that in some sports, some kids will play more or longer than others.

14. It's okay to let your kid try other sports or activities.

15. Don't compare your kid to others on the team. After all, some kids may have better parents.

16. Using guilt and fear to motivate kids is just wrong. If you do, seek help.

17. If YOU knew so much then YOU would be the ref.

18. Keep it in perspective. The world will still be around after they lose a game.

19. When your kid loses, show some dignity. When your kid wins, be gracious.

20. Losing is not bad. Not being able to handle losing is bad.

What To Do With The Kids features games, crafts, special events, party ideas and downloads including activity sheets, birthday cards, party invitations and personalized awards. There is also a resource section with links to non-commercial websites that parents would be interested in with such topics as toy safety, counselling and internet safety. Unlike similar websites, the content is original.

We have also just released a YouTube video describing everything we offer. It can be found at

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