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The Real Race:­ There Is So Much Living To Do

Great success to the world first Real race in Australia leads to expansion of operations overseas, with the first Real Race in New Zealand scheduled for early 2007.

Melbourne, Australia September 25, 2006 ­ The world’s first Real Race, a luxury adventure tour and life-changing experience, was an outstanding success. Teams of two from around the world travelled around Australia with no idea where they were going, what challenges they'd face or how this journey would affect their lives. And now this unique "you just can't buy this experience but with The Real Race it's at your fingertips" tour is going abroad in 2007 with The Real Race New Zealand scheduled to kick-off early in the new year.

"Life will be boring now" said Jennifer from team Brita.

"Simply spectacular, there are no words to describe what we’ve been through" said Tom from team Mistress of Spice.

"I’ve just realised that there is so much living to do…. No more boring stuff sitting on the couch watching telly and reading the newspaper" said Rob from Team Lowe Lippmann.

"On the 7th of August, a group of experience-seekers began what would be the holiday of a lifetime. Travelling in teams of two, they didn't know where they would be going, what challenges they would face and had no idea what to expect. These travellers were all competitors in the world’s first Real Race ­ a fast pace and exciting luxury adventure tour with a twist. Racing from destination to destination, the teams competed against each other in a series of challenges that would test their minds, bodies and spirits.

As they moved around Australia, thousands watched from their homes via live updates on The Real Race website. Over the course of just one week, the competitors would climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, race down treacherous world-standard white-water rapids, fire arrows at Sydney Olympic Park, sail past whales in a luxury yacht, four-wheel drive across the world’s largest sand island, learn to surf at Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, kick a goal with a legendary Aussie Rules footballer, watch an AFL game at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground and tempt fate by swimming with dozens of sharks at the spectacular Melbourne Aquarium. But the thing that made this holiday really special was this: The winning team would win back the entire cost of this holiday sensation! Evidently, that was worth fighting for."

The latest news from The Real Race is the expansion of their operations overseas, with the first Real Race in New Zealand scheduled for early 2007.

New Zealand has a strong reputation as a thrill seeker's playground, the epicentre of adventure travel and excitement. There will be limitless opportunities to test The Real Race participants nerve with activities such as canyon swinging, bungy jumping, sky diving, hang gliding, jet boating, rafting, zorbing and more non-stop amazing adventures and mind-boggling experiences.

The Real Race is proudly supported by Sci-Fleet Toyota (, Brita (, Lowe Lippmann (, Saratoga (, Zudio (, Mistress of Spice ( ) and Cuisine Courier ( who have all been invaluable in helping to deliver successful races in 2006.

For more information, videos, photos, travel logs, future tours and to find out how people can secure a place in one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Australia and New Zealand visit The Real Race web site at

About The Real Race Company

The Real Race Company was created with a single mission in mind: To provide luxury adventure holidays for competitive people looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with the unique opportunity to win back the entire cost of their trip. The Real Race Pty Ltd is a member of the Travel Compensation Fund (see and is a Licensed Travel Agent (Licence No. 32960)

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