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War or Peace

What is happening on this planet? Does anyone have an answer? I hope the answer is not attached to some special interest or been bought by a large corporation.

How do you feel with what's happening? Do you still feel that you have a voice? Or do you feel like you have lost your tongue? Maybe we all have been bought out and have become directly or indirectly incorporated.

This world is a mass of madness. Politicians have no real say these days so what is the point of having one of them running our country? We should vote for a corporation to be our president.

In a civilized world we'd call them president, or prime minister. In a non-civilized world we'd refer to them as a dictator. What is the difference between them? Not much in reality.

A dictator does badly by his people, in the open, and we can see that.

A president or a prime minister looks good in front of his people and makes every regulation that they can to make the lives of their people miserable, by allowing them to pollute our water, manipulate the environment, and dictate what is best for us on behalf of the constituents who elected them in the first place.

I can imagine one day that this will appear as an advertisement in the newspaper under jobs wanted:

"Title: A Country President
Duties: Say what you are told to say, always smile even if it has to be a fake smile. You should have experience in lying, and an expert in denying your lies, diverting the issues, and skilled in twisting the truth.
Compensation: Reasonable pay, with endless compensations when you leave office, according to your accomplishments and good will"

You know something, when we lose our own value as individuals how can we hold any value as a society? This would be hard to do.

So why am I obliged to eat genetically modified food? Why do I need to breathe all of the pollution in the air, and keep wondering which country I would be better off living in? Medicare is going up all the time and the elderly cannot afford to pay for it. Our sicknesses are NOT only caused by second hand smoke. Our sicknesses in part come from the reality of what we eat, inhale and of what we drink? Are we suffering from these problems as a result of a politician paying his or her debt back to a corporation for their generous contribution to his/her campaign?

In your opinion, what is the difference between a president, a prime minister and a dictator? My answer will follow later on.

When you open a newspaper all you see is war, and more war and so many people being constantly killed. My friend this is our reality and a fact of life. Our newspapers hold the title of Vice President Marketing Inc. and the journalists are Executive Managers with a blindfold over their eyes. All are working for that same corporation.

War and peace, or is it better as peace and war. War and peace is easier to project as what we would like to accomplish. Then what is war and what is peace?

I went to Google and searched for the word war on dictionary sites and I landed on I asked for war and peace. Here are the responses I got from my search:

"Word History: The chaos of war is reflected in the semantic history of the word war. War can be traced back to the Indo-European root *wers-, "to confuse, mix up." In the Germanic family of the Indo- European languages, this root gave rise to several words having to do with confusion or mixture of various kinds. One was the noun *werza-, "confusion,"

"Peace: A state of quiet or tranquility; freedom from disturbance or agitation; calm; repose"

I understood the word peace but there was something stuck in my throat on the word war. It is about confusion.

Is it the confusion about the war? Or are we confused about a war? What are we confused about? If we are so confused don't we need more time for peace and tranquility in order to try and resolve our confusion before jumping into anything? It sounds complicated, but when we act with confusion isn't this when we blindly need to be in our inner quietness instead? With that being said, my argument is still unstated.

Let's talk about something that is real in today's time. The world needed more time and much more negotiation for peace to be established to truly find out whether Iraq had WMD but the U.S. and England went against it regardless of anyone's opinion even if it was on false pretenses. We went into Iraq under the umbrella of the war on terrorism in the name of the free world. What is really free in the world now? From terrorism where we live which orchestrates fear in people and with constant media reminders in our daily life? I believe that new branches of terrorism are opening up on a daily basis, many more than there were before. If you doubt me just look around to the new names of organizations that are starting to appear. We rushed into war in Iraq based on the weather predictions in Iraq during the month of March and decided to strike before the sand storm would begin, instead of perhaps waiting for a month or two in which time it may have given us some time to allow for a peaceful solution to come about which might have prevented the war in the first place. But the corporation Inc. was not on its agenda, or the many people who would be miserable during, and after the war, and it is not finished yet. Are the people of Iraq safer now? Let me think about that. Didn't we have similar experiences before or have déjà vu with regards to the war on drugs? What happened to that really? Do we have fewer drugs now? Or did we only change the name of the players involved.

What is the cost of war on human life?

Over 800 Americans and 10,000 Iraqis are DEAD and they are still counting on a daily basis! Are we ever going to admit that we failed? That will never happen because our egos as individuals, or as a society, won't allow us.

We proclaim to being a democratic society. We have freedom of expression and we still abuse prisoners and defy the Geneva Convention just because it does not suit us. We are not in wars for the rights of individuals but are in war for our own gain. If Iraq did not have oil, would we really have gone there in the first place? I guess not and there continues to be many dictators in this world as we speak.

Freedom of expression! I have no idea what this word means these days, it falls under Homeland Security. If we begin living under a dictatorship in our own backyard then terrorism has won and we lose our Freedom of Expression!

Have we thought about what we are seeing here? I don't think so!

This is not the true number of casualties we have:

Over 800 American soldiers are DEAD! Is it that if the number does not match the number of dead Iraqis then we should be proud of ourselves? Think again!

Injured Americans, we have no tally on them. Are we saying that a soldier that is crippled for the rest of all his or her life is not a statistic and that no one should know of their efforts? I hope not. Shame on you, you should be dead instead. Actually, the shame is on us for allowing that to happen.

Let's say there are over 800 dead. What is the effect on their families? Does it not count how miserable they are? What happens to the children of these soldiers living without their fathers and mothers? Who will take care of them? Who will explain to them what had happened? Why did their father and/or mother have to die? What is the reason? Who should they blame for it? Can anyone justify to them why their parents are dead today and not able to enjoy the holidays or their birthdays with them or the many other questions that these children will struggle with, and carry with anger for the rest of their lives. It would seem that no one cares or bothers to ask.

For the Iraqi there are over 10,000 dead. How much over are we talking about? 10,000 people dead. For some of us we are proud of that. Bless you for your accomplishment and pride.

Now are we talking about 10,000 Iraqi soldiers, insurgents and civilians dead? No one will have the guts to tell us in reality. We bombard a neighborhood with a 500 ton or 1000 ton bomb. What an accomplishment? A 5 ton bomb or a 1000 does not distinguish between a civilian and an enemy fighter. These bombs are not designed to distinguish between them. Now over 10,000 Iraqi people are dead, so what is the effect on their families? Who will support them when their working father is dead? How about the un-employment that the war has created? How about the hunger that the war has created? The United States is not going to care for them when we cannot care for the homeless people sleeping on our own streets in every major city in the world. There is no money to deal with them but all of a sudden there is money for bombs? What a contradiction.

But for all of the ANGER and HATE of these Iraqis where the hell is it going to go, the U.S.? Who is going to support them? Well one solution would be to join, die and kill themselves for their terrorist group. Isn't it a feasible solution for one man in the family to be sacrificed in order to bring food to his or her brothers and sisters? Please enlighten me and stop watching Hollywood movies for a change. This is reality people. Stop being blind or pretending that your world is safe and keep denying the truth. This is your world, a world we all helped to create by either being on the sidelines or by being directly involved.

You know, how humans can discredit their souls! A worthy cause is when religious leaders can preach in the name of God, and encourage people to stand and speak out, without themselves ever being involved in the conflict. Maybe they are the consultants for the corporation that they bought into.

Now we will have to hire a Country President in Iraq and have a new constitution based on the beliefs of the corporation who hired him. Is this going to make it better for the Iraqi people? Time will tell, if we are allowed to hear the whole story of what is really going on in Iraq and of all of the suffering that is going on there.

The most amazing thing is how we can sleep and our consciences are clear when innocent people are being tortured on both sides, especially when our initial intention for going there was for the wrong reasons to begin with. How cheap is the human soul in the end? You know something.can anyone tell me if we have accomplished anything from this war? Please don't say that we get to rid ourselves of a ruthless dictator. We are becoming worst than the dictator.

No human being is a born terrorist. Being a terrorist is only a reflection of the events that went on in their life. When we are not ready to deal with our own contradictions in the world, then my friend, every day we will have new terrorists being developed right under our very own eyes. It is time to stop creating these terrorists. They do not just grow on trees. It is time to wake up and stop being naïve and not just believing what you read. Have we asked ourselves the question why these people really hate us? No one seems to bother to ask this question because many of us want it to be the way it is in the first place. Isn't that the true reality of our life and our world?

A president, a prime minister or a dictator, they all belong to the same large corporation and just when one's role has been accomplished then the time comes for him or her to be replaced. We are the ones who create any dictator. If we didn't put on blindfold from the very beginning then the dictators would never exist. Countries that abuse human rights are good if our interest is there and they become bad when their term is finished and we have lost interest in them. Unfortunately, we live in a world of contradiction. The same thing goes with terrorism. Think about it!

How much these wars do enhanced our lives? Not much, the people of Spain suffered few casualties with 191 dead and 1800 injured. Don't forget their families too. It seems we always disregard the families of the dead who they have left behind.

The families of the dead are very important. If they are not so important can you tell me why we continue to keep talking about WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Vietnam, and the Korean War other than for the financial reasons for some people? It is because the families are still suffering from it. Some will still hold onto anger, frustration and much misery for many years to come.

We should be well informed and stop tossing the blame on each other and allow peace to start and fill our hearts. Bring back the dignity to our souls, our human being and true spirit. For the million of dollars they happen to be able to find to stage war, just imagine how many people could be fed, or cured and who we would be able to help live with dignity and honor in the world. Humanity seemingly will never learn. We keep going around in circles, century after century. We need a huge shake up on this planet and it should come. Time is running out!

For many people their life has no value and hopelessness abounds around the world, which is in a chaotic state at the moment. Each and every one of us has a responsibility on this plane. Start to be responsible for yourself first, and then you will find value for your society and your world. Take the first step. Stop the war; don't let anger hurt other people. Try and always use peace to resolve your problems. Do not allow terrorism or war to happen. Both are promoting each other and feeding on each other's input to make them succeed.

The new trend these days is that it is Gods' will and we are called to do this or that. My friend God has got nothing to do with it. He or She gave us our Free Will and it is up to us to decide what we want to do with it. It is our choice, our Free Will, but it always seems we never have the right intention behind it.

It is easier to blame everyone else than to take on any responsibility ourselves. We are all responsible in the end.

Think, evaluate, and stop allowing your emotions to take over your reasoning. Have peace, love and compassion in your heart. This is the only way we can surpass all of the anger and hate around us. The world we live in is a real living contradiction between each other and the countries we support, and define as friends or enemies. It all starts and ends with the intention in our mind and heart.

No dignity is left in the world and everything around us has been bought out in the end. How can we trust anything to be good for us? It seems everyone has a price and they are bought just as easily as anyone else. Your intention, your interest and value are the only things left and to be used in a positive way, but those choices are yours.

This article is only stating my frustration about the world we live in. I am not into politics. Whether you carry a bible in your hand, the torah or Koran; shame on you all. You proclaim that you are religious and pontificate about your understanding of God. I believe that you have no idea or understanding about yourself or your God. You still have a lot of years ahead of you to begin to understand the book you are carrying in your hand. Please read your belief book again with a new understanding, and revisit what the true message is that is being sent to us from our God through his/her messenger to this plane. Tell me in which of these books did God tell us to kill each other? Maybe I should start to pick up on my reading again.

In the end, God bless the dead for their awareness now of the whole true story and the real reason that they died.

The innocent dead who died for our mistakes, ego, greed and need for power are alive now where they are, and we are the ones dead in our own daily living here in hell on earth.

God bless them and God bless us all.

At the age of eight Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, intuitive numerology, and provides numerology consultation and healing consultation. Joseph started the `Free Spirit Centre' website at A community web based centre dedicated to personal growth, soul growth, eating disorders, relationships, healing and human issues. E-mail:

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