Never Be Weighted Down by Another Writing Deadline!

"I'd like to offer my highest possible endorsement of your services... Your skills are formidable... You are unparalleled at singling out accurately the exact focus or theme that best captures ideas...great at discussing options for presenting my message...and no one is better at choosing the clearest, briefest written language."

Mary L. Ford, Four-Term Mayor of Northampton, MA

Why An Edit or Critique of Your Writing Before You Turn It In Can Save You Time, Trouble, and Embarrassment

You need to impress someone with a written communication. Don't blow it with an incorrect word, bad punctuation, or an unintended double meaning--you don't want your work flashed around the world on a list of funny bloopers! Our professional writers and fresh eye can keep you out of trouble. Not only will we fix the obvious trouble spots, but we can make your prose sing.

Let Skilled Writers, Who Love Their Work, Create Top Notch Written Materials--Faster and Better than You Could Do In-House

You're an expert at what you do. But you may not be an expert in expressing it. Why struggle for hours trying to make your material sound right? Let a professional writer create it for you, and you'll gain more freedom to do what you do best--or use the time you gain to relax and enjoy yourself. We'll find exactly the right way to say it for you, and we'll work until we get it just the way you want. You'll be surprised at how quickly we can turn your ideas into phrases that inform consumers, pull at the heartstrings of readers, and provide the marketing "oomph" that turns prospects into buyers. Let us:

  • Research and write from scratch: books (from book proposals to complete manuscripts), articles, company profiles, annual reports, letters, grants/proposals, speeches, manuals/instructions, and other materials.
  • Edit, critique, and rewrite your drafts.
  • Handle your correspondence.
  • Offer consulting on related areas, such as public speaking, book proposal preparation, and navigating the publishing process.
  • Provide, as an added bonus, professional word processing and desktop publishing.

Learn to Overcome Your Writing Fears and Become a Better Writer

If writing is a chore for you--or if you're just not happy with your own efforts--let us help. We can:

  • Help you improve your writing through writing workshops, individual critiques, tutorials, and manuscript/market analysis (fiction and nonfiction).
  • Prepare manuscripts and book proposals for professional presentation.
  • Train you to overcome your blocks in writing--and to be a better writer.

Contact us at (800) 683-WORD or (01)(413) 586-2388 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time to find out exactly how we can help you--or to set an appointment.

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