Romeo and Juliet Meets Robinson Crusoe Meets House of the Spirits—in Africa
By Shel Horowitz

GAR: Jarrett Krosoczka, Children's Author/Illustrator: How Imagination Saved My Life

Larry Peterson, author of The Priest and the Peaches, Remembers his Bronx Childhood
By Larry Peterson

Our National Exaggeration
By Jerome Charyn

How I Turned S.E. Hinton into a Graphic Novelist
By Darren G. Davis

Reports of BEA's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: The 2010 Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz

My Village Folk Scene
By Alix Dobkin

Writing For Young Children About Complex Social Issues: A Diversity Author Shares Her Perspective
By By Melissa M Williams, Author of Iggy the Iguana

Excerpts from BackStage with Bryan Rooney
By Bryan Rooney

Kinds of Podcasting Content
By Sharon Housley

Behind the Review Manager's Desk: An Inside Look at the Book Review Process

Don White’s Memoirs of a C Student
Edna Garte

Don Cambpell Discusses The Wisdom & Power of Music
By Shel Horowitz

Behind the Bathroom Reader: An Interview with Uncle John of Uncle John's Bathroom Readers (a/k/a Gordon Javna)
By Shel Horowitz, editor, Global Arts Review/Down to Business

Writing & Publishing Tips: How To Get a Top Literary Agent & Sign That Coveted 6 Figure Deal
By Susan Harrow

Elijah the Prophet, Earl Robinson, and the Iraq War
By Edna Garte

Leonardo's Time in the Sun: The 2006 Book Expo America
By Shel Horowitz

Two Bookstore Operators Tell What They Need from Publishers
By Shel Horowitz

Blandness from the Biggies, Innovative Indies: Book-Industry Trends at BEA 2005
By Shel Horowitz

Remembering a Radio Pioneer—And Opening His Collections on the Web

The National Conference on Media Reform: Twin Fires of Change

National Conference on Media Reform Panel: News, Information and Corporate Media

National Conference on Media Reform Panel: Online Organizing

National Conference on Media Reform Panel: Engaging New Constituencies in Media Reform

National Conference on Media Reform Panel: Media Reform One Community at a Time: Case Studies in Local Organizing

National Conference on Media Reform Panel: Visioning a Media System that Serves Our Democracy and Culture

Lifting of Publishing Sanctions in Cuba, Iran, Sudan

Writing That Matters: Censorship, Journalism, Politics, and Art
By Karen Rothmyer

Making Time to Write
By David Kilpatrick

Challenge and Entrepreneurship: Starting a New National Magazine
By Shel Horowitz

Burt Levy, "The World's Fastest Novelist"

How to Do Investigative Biographies When Your Subject Won't Talk to You

Faith, Fashion, and Freedom: Religion Authors Discuss The Spiritual Marketplace of Ideas

Between Fact and Fiction—The 2004 BEA Favored Fact

Corey Flintoff on NPR's role in a Changing Journalism Climate

Finding the Truth About Sojourner Truth

War Poetry Contest sponsored by Winning Writers

California Artist Featured in New Book Heralding Career Breakthroughs of Women in Space

What Happened in Memphis, Tennessee on May 15, 1961?

Rosenbergs' Son Robert Meeropol's Life of Activism

Remembering Carolyn Heilbrun: Feminist Scholarship and Suicide

Four Slices of Book Expo of America 2003, Los Angeles

Virtual Museum Celebrates Erma Bombeck

A 19th/20th Century Designer and Printer Speaks On Message-Appropriate Design

BEA 2002: Traffic, Not Trends, in New York

Barbara Kingsolver, Nat Hentoff, Michael Moore, Rick McCarthy: American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression Panel on Censorship and Freedom Post-911

A Different Perspective on Book Reviewing -- From An Ex-Reviewer and Book Publisher

BOOK EXPO OF AMERICA 2001: W., Harry Potter, and Dot-Bomb Retrenchment

Interviewing the Interviewer: An Evening with Fresh Air's Terry Gross

The 200-Year Cross-Continental Journey of a Single Torah Scroll

New Life for a 400-Year-Old Atlas by Gerardus Mercator--An Interview with the Publisher of the English-Language Edition

"The Business At Hand," a story from The Broken Bridge, an anthology of expatriate writing from Japan

Ray Bradbury Still Lives in the Future--and His Dreams Continue to Come True

David Albahari: A Serbian Literary Lion in Exile Finds a Home in Western Canada

Madeleine L'Engle, author of "A Wrinkle In Time" and more than 40 other books, explores her struggles as an unknown author trying to find a home for "Wrinkle," and explores the difference between truth and fact.

Donna Gillespie, author of "The Light Bearer," discusses her main character's similarities and differences from herself, and her climb from poverty to the best-seller list.

The Last BEA of the Second Millennium

The Business of Bookselling: A Report on the 1998 Book Expo of America

Book Orgy in Chicago: Shel Horowitz reports on the Book Expo of America, 1997: the largest booksellers event in the US


When Butterflies Kiss

Sally Bellerose looks at dinner table dynamics when one family member is a vegetarian

Shel Horowitz reflects on the Romanian revolution

Erotic/Celibate Contemplation by Meolisan at Blue Moon Cafe


Oxford International Festival of Films

The Glory That Was Spring Street

Walt Disney Knew How to Get the Word Out

How Bob Hope Learned About The Power Of Advertising -- A Lesson He Never Forgot

Impakt Festival 2002 Highlights Now Available For Screening

"The Lost World": A Lost Opportunity

"The Bridges of Madison County": A Sentimental Success

New Orleans Composers Feature Bayou Sounds in TV and Film Scores

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